This is the secret diary of Rob Titchener, as he plots his revenge against the inhabitants of Ambridge. (Based on the characters, plots and locations of the BBC Radio 4 radio drama The Archers)

Join us daily for an insight into Rob’s twisted mind as  he schemes his schemes of dark revenge. Always in the background, always in the shadows, waiting, plotting.*

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Also, although we are having some fun with the character in this blog, it is worth remembering that the abuse he doled out to Helen is reality for too many women. So please consider a small donation to Refuge, to help bring those victims to safety. You can donate by clicking here…DONATE TO REFUGE

The story began on Sunday 5th Feb, 2017, and you can catch up with the story at The story so far…

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*Until such a time as the ratings need a boost and he is written back into the show, then I’ll be well and truly buggered.